Details of Today’s Card

Cowtown’s recommended sportsbook is:

42/23/2 last 67 in College Hoops…
13/10/1 last 24 in the NBA… 

Conference Tournaments start on 2/28…

This Week: 7/3 +$1525
last week: 9/3/1…+$2870you should sign up…
2 week back
: 13/12 +$115
weeks back: 10/8/2 +$630
weeks back: 13/6 +$1980   It’s more fun when you Win!!
weeks back: 12/15/1 -$1170
weeks back: 10/10/2 -$30
7 weeks back: 10/5 + $1650

February Games: 36/23/2 +$5040
January Games: +$2950


There are no shortcuts…you have to dig through every pairing to find the
edges needed to win or at least be in the position to win…

     Winners aren’t expensive, it’s the Losers that cost you…

Details of Today’s Card
Games on Deck:
One Game for Saturday night:
One more College Winner on the Express good until 5:30pm C….
Saturday early games: Three games for Members including a 7* Conference Game of the Year by itself on the Headliner…?, ?, ? (7* Wichita St. – 7 1/2, Villanova – 6 1/2, ?)

Friday Colleges: So many possibilities…One Winner on the Express, good until 6pm C…W. (N. Ky)

Thursday Games: Four more College Winners tonight, good until 6pm C on the Headliner…3*, 4*, 5*, 3*…L, W, W, W.  (Marshall, 4*Ga St., 5*Utah, Oregon)

Wednesday Games: Three Winners tonight including another Nickel Play Crusher on the Action Line by itself…W, L, W. (3*Geo Mason, 4*Penn St., 5*Va Tech)

Tuesday Hoops: I’ll be out today, any games will be Member only…W. (Nebraska)

Monday Hoops: One Winner tonight for Members only…L. (Northwestern)


This Week’s Free Plays:

Monday: # 713  Minnesota + 7…L
Tuesday: # no free play today…
Wednesday: # 757 Florida + 4…L
Thursday: # 567 Wisc GB + 11 1/2…W
Friday: # No free play tonight…
Saturday: # 532 Maryland + 1…L
Sunday: #

Join for a week and give me a try!

Next Session: Sunday Feb 25th @ Noon Central…any early games are Member only…


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Thanks, Clark

Daily selections will be offered on a pay after you win basis. Simply, the ticket turns a profit or you will not be charged! This format will cover the $25 Express”, “$75 Headliner”, and “$35 Action Line” only.

Remember: The twin killers of success are impatience and greed.

Ignorance: Not knowing any better

Stupid: Knowing better but doing it anyway

John Wayne: Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid!

Ron White: You can’t fix stupid!!!

Cowtown Sports: If you’re paying for advice, follow it…

You can always call me @ 817-577-0127 or email me @

        **Finished # 1 in the NBA Finals**
          **Finished # 1 in the World Series**
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As of: 2/18/18

NBA: 31/28 -$160
CBK: 83/73 +$3240



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All plays for 7 days: $150

All Plays for 30 Days W/Service Guarantee: $350

All plays for a Calendar Year: $2200

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