Details of Today’s Card

Thanksgiving Football Special: M-T-W only…$150 for All Football thru Championship Saturday (Dec 2nd)…call me now and get on board!!


                               This same package was 15/2 in 2015


                                 **All four packages reduced $100**

Specials: The rest of Football, all Football through the Super Bowl: $400 or Football and Basketball through the Super Bowl: $700 or everything through the NCAA Final: $1100 or everything through the NBA Final: $1500… Call me @ 817-577-0127

There are no shortcuts…you have to dig through every pairing to find the
edges needed to win or at least be in the position to win…

     Winners aren’t expensive, it’s the Losers that cost you…

Details of Today’s Card
Last Week: 12/9 +$235
Here’s the breakdown:
NFL: 3/2 +$55
CFB: 4/3 +210
NBA: 2/1 +$270
CBK: 3/3 -$300

This Week: Week (42) 11/21 thru 11/27:

Games on Deck: Cowtown is now 6/2 on MNF…

Tuesday Hoops: Three College Winners on the Action Line…

MNF: The Winner (Nickel Play Crusher) is on the Action Line…L. (Seattle)

This Week’s Free Plays:
Tuesday Free Play:
# 749 Creighton + 1 1/2…

Join for a week and give me a try!

Next Session: Wednesday Nov 22th @ 3 Central


The best way to get all of Cowtown Sports plays is to join as a personal client. For rates go to the “Purchase Picks” page or call me direct at 817-577-0127.

For free picks by phone call my comp line at 817-589-5656.

Thanks, Clark

Daily selections will be offered on a pay after you win basis. Simply, the ticket turns a profit or you will not be charged! This format will cover the $25 Express”, “$75 Headliner”, and “$35 Action Line” only.

Remember: The twin killers of success are impatience and greed.

Ignorance: Not knowing any better

Stupid: Knowing better but doing it anyway

John Wayne: Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid!

Ron White: You can’t fix stupid!!!

Cowtown Sports: If your paying for advice, follow it…

You can always call me @ 817-577-0127 or email me @

        **Finished # 1 in the NBA Finals**
          **Finished # 1 in the World Series**
All of my records are verifiable @

Final September: -$950
Final October Games: +$1690
November Games: 29/25/2 +$490 (through 11/20)
Final NFL Pre-Season:  +$810
CFB: 48/43 +$1340
NFL: 28/24 +$380
NBA: 10/12 -$815
CBK: 4/5 -$540
MLB Playoffs: 5/2 +$1315…Finished # One in the Playoffs


All of these options are available  on the website…

All plays for 7 days: $150

All Plays for 30 Days W/Service Guarantee: $350

All plays for a Calendar Year: $2200

One more thing: I’ve dropped Discover from the credit card options, their rates are just ridiculous! If you want to save $$, I’ll give you a 10% discount for cash,  money orders or Western Union..on any season or annual package..just call me……….