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Cowtown’s recommended sportsbook is: BetDSI.eu 

8/10/2020 I’m ready to get back in the ring…7/1 last 8 rated games, might be the right time for you to step back in…$100 for 7 Days of service, Call me: 817-577-0127

7 day all play package: $150, 30 day guaranteed package: $375 on the purchase picks page or call me direct: 817-577-0127

**I need your help please, I had a total wipeout of my Business Computer on June 12th thanks to an automatic Windows 10 update. I’ve had a new tower built and have captured most of the old information (email address, business contacts etc).
I post here and on my comp phone regularly. If you want to be included in my email updates for free plays and specials please email me with “include” @ cowtownsports@att.net
Thank you in advance!

Free Play reasoning is on my Comp line: 817-589-5656

8/1 Free Play: # 723 Phila – 5 1/2…L…0/3 -$830 for clients
8/2 Free Play: # 737 Dallas – 6…L…
1/0 +$300 for clients
8/3 Free Play: # 958 Atlanta +.15…L
…0/3 -$700 for clients
8/4 Free Play: No free play tonight…0/1 -$330 for clients
8/5 Free Play: # 770 Lakers over 218…L…0/1 -$345 for clients
8/6 Free Play: No free play tonight…2/0 +$600 for clients
8/7 Free Play: # 709 Washington + 8…L…1/1 =$ for clients
8/8: Server was down, no free play…but went 2/0 +$580 for clients
8/9 Free Play: 975 Arizona + .60 w/Bumgarner…L…but went 2/0 +.$700 for clients
8/10 Free Play: # 920 Angels + .10…W…but lost 0/1 -$300 for clients
8/11 Free Play: Mavericks + 3 1/2…W…2/1 +$500 for clients
8/12: Server was done again, no free play and 0/1 -$300 for clients

August 7, 2020: Not off to the start I would like but did go 2/0 yesterday in MLB…neither game was easy but we caught the break we needed in both…

The owners and most players are eager to resume but until schedules are set and adhered to I’ll offer daily plays only on the “pay after you win” format…or you can call me direct and put $100 on account to work against rather than taking the time to individually go through the purchase process daily…

More to come when we have facts to work with…Clark

Next Session: When things get back to normal…

On Deck Now:
I’m sending spot plays to Service Members now, check in and make
sure we’re on the same page…

Week 28: 2/3 -$100 (8/10 thru 8/16)
Week 27: 7/6 +$205 (8/3 thru 8/9)
Week 26: 3/6 -$680 (7/27 thru 8/2)
Closed due to Covid 19 and counting…

Week 7: Closed (3/16 thru 3/22)
Week 6: 6/3/1  +$670 (3/9 thru 3/15)
Week 5: 10/12 -$1150 (3/2 thru 3/8)
Week 4: 12/12  -$450 (2/24 thru 3/1)
Week 3: 9/9/1 -$535 (2/17 thru 2/23)
Week 2: 9/8 +$750 (2/10 thru 2/16)
Week 1: 7/10/2 -$1175 (2/3 thru 2/9) Start Fiscal 2020

Week 52: 11/1 +$3170 (1/28 thru 2/2) End Fiscal 2019

August Games: 10/12 -$110 thru 8/12…not the start I was looking for, but it’s turning…

Final July: 2/3 -$150
April, May, June: Closed due to Covid 19
Final March: 18/19/1 -$315
Final February: 31/34/3 -$1230
Final January: 42/30 +$2120

Current Records…
NBA: 48/45 -$605
College Hoops: 87/106/5 -$9180 (Regular Season)
Conference Tourney: 8/5 +$820

All of my records back to 1986 are @ www.thesportsmonitor.com

Still the best deal in the Country:

All Plays for 30 Days guaranteed to turn a profit

or up to 30 Days free to make up any losses…

$375 on the “Purchase Picks” page…

There’s Nothing like “Won Money”

The best way to get all of Cowtown Sports plays is to join as a personal client. For rates go to the “Purchase Picks” page or call me direct at 817-577-0127.

Daily selections will be offered on a pay after you win basis on the “Purchase Picks” page. Simply, the ticket turns a profit or you will not be charged! This format will cover the “$25 Express”, “$75 Headliner”, and “$35 Action Line” only.

Come home to Cowtown Sports!

There are no shortcuts…you have to dig through every pairing to find the edges needed to win or at least be in the position to win…

This Week’s Free Plays: (from 3/9)

Monday: # 884 N. Ky – 5…W
Tuesday: # 620 Gonzaga – 9…W
Wednesday: # 664 Okla St. – 6 1/2…L
Thursday: #
Friday: #
Saturday: #
Saturday: #
Sunday: #

For free picks by phone call my comp line at 817-589-5656.

Remember: The twin killers of success are impatience and greed.

Ignorance: Not knowing any better.

Stupid: Knowing better but doing it anyway.

John Wayne: Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid!

Ron White: You can’t fix stupid!!!

Cowtown Sports: If you’re paying for advice, follow it…

You can always call me @ 817-577-0127 or email me @ cowtownsports@att.net

**Finished # 1 in the NBA Finals** (2017)
**Finished # 1 in the World Series** (2017)
**Finished # 5 in the NCAA Tournaments** (2018)
**Finished # 8 in the NCAA Tournaments** (2019)
**Finished # 4 W/L, # 2 Net Winners in the Bowls**(2019)

From 2/3/2020 Start of new fiscal year…SB to SB

All of these options are available  on the website…www.cowtownsports.com

All plays for 7 days: $150

All Plays for 30 Days W/Service Guarantee: $375

All plays for a Calendar Year: $2200

One more thing: I’ve dropped Discover from the credit card options, their rates are just ridiculous! If you want to save $, I’ll give you a 10% discount for cash,  money orders or Western Union..on any season or annual package…just call me……….


Winners aren’t expensive, it’s the Losers that cost you…

Welcome to Cowtown Sports!

Cowtown Sports has operated since 1986 under the same name and phone numbers, owned and operated by Clark Compton.

Reach us at  800-451-4703 or 817-577-0127

Over two dozen #1 finishes in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Consistently in the Top 10 as monitored by “The Sports Monitor” of Oklahoma City. Tried and True, come join the team. I’ll keep us in the Hunt!

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I highly recommended Clark the Sports Handicaper for every sport fan including me! I started his Action Line Pick then moved up to his 7 day membership! It’s really worth the money Clark is a great guy and a sports fan like me. Thank you Cowtown Sports!

Brandon Monteiro
North Richland Hills, Texas

Clark with Cowtown Sports is a great Sports Handicapper in Texas. He is a great guy and knows how to help you win more money. I was able to put a sizable down payment on a boat I bought. Highly recommended to all sports fans out there!

Brent Stevens
Forth Worth, TX

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