Cowtown Special Offers

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Or call me direct at 817-577-0127
All plays for 7 days no guarantee: $150
All plays for 30 days with a service guarantee: $375
Football only through the Super Bowl: $1200
All plays through the Super Bowl: $1600
All plays for a year: $2200
Winners aren’t nearly as expensive as Losers!!
Pricing Explanations: Any questions, feel free to call me anytime between 9 to 6 central at the office: 817-577-0127… Personal clients also get an after-hours number…
Forever Pricing Club: Open enrollment during the specified period only! All play for 30 days $250 auto-billed monthly and you can drop out anytime by notifying me by phone. Your price remains the same as long as you stay enrolled. Don’t miss the start of the regular season!
Cowtown Express, Action Line and Headliner: I post most of my premium plays on one or more of these (3) pay after you win options. ..simply put, the ticket turns a profit or the charge is deleted, all you need is a valid credit card and must be purchased from the site and I advertise what’s where on the “Today’s Card” page.
7 days all plays: Just as stated, 7 days access which gives you all plays for the time period.
30 days of all plays: Only service I offer with a guarantee…30 day period turns a profit or up to 30 days free to make up any losses…
Since Super Bowl (2007 which we won) I have also guaranteed every daily ticket to be a winner or no charge from the website. You can also get odds there 24 hours a day and be notified by email of coming specials and get free picks daily by registering on the Today’s Card page – give it a try!
If you don’t have internet access, I still offer free picks on the com phone @817-589-5656.
Just like the old Greyhound commercials, Leave the Driving to Us! I offer over 40 years of winning objective analysis experience.
Thanks, Clark
Play with Cowtown Sports and stick to the program!